Building An Empire
By Elena Cardone

Building An Empire

Beginner Level
Created by Elena Cardone
Last updated May 12, 2021
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5 E-classes
5 E-classes
Elena's Vision
Fighting For It
Extraordinary Women
Coming Back From Setback
Empire Roles And Legacy

Course Description

Have you ever wondered what makes a power couple in business?

In this exclusive Elena Cardone and John Lee interview, Elena gives us an insight into her world as an entrepreneur, investor, empire builder and mother. Elena explains what it takes to build an empire. Not solo but with a team of people who lift each other, contribute and grow towards a new horizon of success.

Elena is known to be the visionary and architect behind the Cardone Empire. She shares the vision with her husband to reach a billion people around the world with Cardone products and services.

She wanted Grant to be amongst the giants and make a difference for the better just because he can. They are both committed to performing on that magnitude. It’s one thing to be in a relationship and it’s another to find someone who wants to 10X the relationship and create an extraordinary life with the person they love. They say behind every successful man is a woman. Elena is the lady that lights up Grant’s fire and helps him keep focused to reach the target of hitting a billion.

It takes a certain mindset and drive to get to a billion of anything. You’re going to spend the same amount of energy, whether you are going for a million dollars or a billion dollars so why not put the energy and scale everything bigger from the get-go and go for it!

What does it take to get to the top of your game and continue growing? Elena teaches how you can build a solid foundation even when life gets tough. As you progress in life, new tensions will arise and it’s about learning how to deal with negative situations. Go for big, go for indestructible and only extraordinary gets you there!

Elena champions all women on the planet and she believes an extraordinary gift to women is motherhood. Elena explains how you can be a mother and still get back to business! Elena would love it even if someone could say that their life became better and they felt touched enough by her to unleash their greatness, give 100% and pass it forward.

Watch this insightful course today to learn:
• How Elena is building an empire
• The art of goal setting in a relationship
• How to magnify your business on a bigger scale
• Successful positive thinking mindset.

Target Audience:
• Anyone interested in women empowerment
• Anyone interested in getting the very best out of your relationship
• Those interested in productivity and making the most of time.

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About The Mentor

Elena Cardone

Yes, you can have it all.

Meet Elena Cardone. A business woman, public speaker, best-selling author of the book Build an Empire, lifestyle influencer and chief family officer. Power couple Elena and Grant Cardone are on a mission to build an empire together and leave an empowering legacy. They have two beautiful children together, who they’ve taught that they can achieve anything. Their relationship is 10X extraordinary and Elena teaches how you can be with someone and elevate each other to build an empire.

Elena currently hosts a podcast show called ‘Women in Power,’ which inspires women on the topics of health, business, relationships and much more. She also co-hosts with her husband on the 'G and E Show.’

Elena has become known for being the brain powerhouse behind Cardone Capital. Elena is the fuel behind the ideas and the architect behind the empire and passes Grant the bricks to build a tall tower, upon a strong foundation. Elena has inspired followers to create their own empires and live a life that is truly fulfilling and extravagant. Elena speaks around the world, spreading her mission to women about building their own empires and living life to the fullest for yourself and the family. She admits there’s never a time when everything is totally balanced. It’s about spotting what needs the attention the most.

Always sharing her aspirations and limitless desire for success with her husband, she is the visionary behind many of Grant’s enterprise ventures. What makes the relationship extra solid and powerful is that both have experienced tragedies and setbacks and have overcome these difficulties, they use their pain as fuel and have come up on top.

If Elena had her last message to the world, she would love to have made a difference for the better. If someone felt touched enough for them to release the greatness within them, that is her gift of contribution to mankind.

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