Building A Property Business
By Jackie Tomes

Learn the step-by-step process to determine your strategies for a lucrative, property business that provides you with a dream lifestyle.

Beginner Level
Created by Jackie Tomes
Last updated May 12, 2021
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Curriculum For This Course

23 E-classes
23 E-classes
Why Do You Need Strategy
System For Success
Assignment 1
Foundation Of Strategy
Reconnecting With Why
Property Business Quiz Eclasses 1-5
Crafting Your Passion
Assignment 2
Understanding Property Strategy Part 1
Marketing And Sales Part 1
Marketing And Sales Part 2
Assignment 3
Understanding Property Strategy Part 2
Property Business Quiz Eclasses 6-10
Financial Management
Building A Team
Assignment 4
Making It Happen
Property Strategy Routine
Keeping The Momentum
Property Business Quiz Eclasses 11-15

Course Description

Strategies for a lucrative property business.

Do you have a passion for property and want to create a successful business that provides you with the lifestyle you want? Or do you already run an established property business and want to know how it can become more focused and streamlined?

It's a well-known fact that property business owners can enjoy an extremely healthy income, as well as a fantastic work / life balance. However, many property businesses fail for one, major reason - they lack the right strategy from the outset. If you take the time and make the effort to determine your strategy, build the right team and establish healthy routines within your business, your chances of succeeding will dramatically increase. Deciding on and communicating your vision and objectives will also mean that everyone is on the same page and can work together more effectively to achieve your business goals.

Jackie Tomes is a successful property investor and co-founder of property investment business, Tomes Homes. She became financially free at the age of only twenty-six and has built a three and a half million pound property portfolio over the last three years. When not doing property deals, Jackie spends her time speaking, training, mentoring and consulting in her area of expertise, Joint Ventures and Strategy.

In this course, Jackie provides you with a step-by-step guide to building and implementing a bulletproof strategy, so you can scale your property portfolio and, ultimately, build a successful property business. You will learn why it's important to define your strategy, how to determine your aims and objectives and how to ensure your team understands your strategy and direction. You will also receive many useful tips on how to systemise your business, so that you can spend more time working on your business, rather than in it.

Watch this in-depth and highly informative course to learn:

• How to develop the right mindset to help you focus on building a strong, effective property business
• How to determine your strategy, based on your passions, using the '6 C System For Success', so that every decision you make will support your long-term vision
• The foundations of strategy and the five key areas in which to build your own strategy, to ensure that every part of your business is running in a unified and efficient way
• The importance of building your investment avatar to know how and where to attract joint venture partners that can help your business to grow
• How to implement healthy, property strategy routines to ensure consistency and cohesiveness across your entire business.

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Target audience:
• New property investors and business owners
• Existing property investors who currently feel they lack strategy and direction

About The Mentor

Jackie Tomes

Strategy is the key to successful property investment.

Jackie Tomes is a property investor and co-founder of property investment business, Tomes Homes. She built a £1.5 million property portfolio in under eighteen months, whilst working full-time, and became financially free at the age of only twenty-six. When not doing property deals, Jackie spends her time speaking, training, mentoring and consulting in her area of expertise, Joint Ventures and Strategy.

Jackie graduated from the London South Bank University with a first class honours degree in Arts Management. Upon graduating, Jackie began a career in market research, working for 2CV, a global consumer research agency. However, Jackie always had aspirations to become a property investor and worked tirelessly to build her portfolio, whilst still working full-time.

Within eighteen months, Jackie had found a model that worked for her. She invested in courses, found a mentor, worked with joint venture partners to buy several properties and was able to quit her job and focus on her business, Tomes Homes, which she runs with her fiancé and business partner, David Wigram. Tomes Homes provides bespoke property investment services for busy professionals and business owners, in outer South East London and Kent, who want to diversify their property investments without the hassle. Jackie is the only property expert to be accredited to deliver ‘Strategy on a Page’ – a powerful tool that makes strategy simple to implement.

Strategy has been the key for Tomes Homes to becoming a successful, scalable and sustainable business. Jackie is now on a mission to bring proper strategy to the property world, to enable people like you to achieve the same.

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