Bitcoin And The Blockchain
By Sebastian Huth

Join the Bitcoin and Blockchain revolution for a more profitable, truer world!

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Created by Sebastian Huth
Last updated June 21, 2021
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5 E-classes
5 E-classes
Bitcoin And Its Value
Bitcoin Growth
Paying With Bitcoin
Investing In The Blockchains
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Course Description

An introduction to Crypto Currency investment.

Are you a would-be investor longing to know more about Crypto Currencies and why they are so important? During recent years, Bitcoin, the Blockchain and other Crypto Currencies have been quietly adopted by major companies, banks and investors from all over the world.

A huge foundation is currently being set for a revolutionary, new monetary system, yet many people are still in the dark about Crypto Currencies and have no idea of the benefits or how they actually work. We are moving away from a private and central banks-controlled monetary system, to a decentralised system that includes Crypto Currencies and their payment systems. People who aren't in the know about Crypto Currencies tend to believe that Bitcoin is simply a currency that is only used by hackers and money launderers in dubious places, such as the Dark Web, but Bitcoin is far more than that.

In this series of lectures, Sebastian Huth, a Bitcoin expert, entrepreneur and coach, presents his views on the life-changing, Crypto Currency revolution that is taking place right now. He helps audiences around the world understand and apply blockchain technology and Crypto Currency and, in this series, he explains how Crypto Currencies, such as Bitcoin, are enabling the shift of power from controlled institutions back to members of the public. Describing Bitcoin as 'the third way', Sebastian explains how it is disrupting our global, financial system as we currently know it and is due to completely change the world.

This speech was filmed at a recent, international event called 'Cha-Ching' in Dubai, which brought together some of the world's best speakers and coaches to help attendees find new sources of income and thereby create a financially sustainable life.

Watch this series of lectures today to learn:

• All about Bitcoin trading and the Blockchain technology and how they work to create a more honest, truer and fairer world
• The benefits of Crypto Currencies and why they are so much more efficient and cost effective than traditional banking methods
• An introduction to the key terminology and vocabulary used when discussing Crypto Currencies, to help you on your way to Blockchain and Bitcoin mastery.

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Target audience:
• Newbie Crypto Currency investors
• Entrepreneurs and business owners

About The Mentor

Sebastian Huth

Bitcoin Speaker, Entrepreneur, Coach

Sebastian Huth is a Bitcoin speaker, entrepreneur and Bitcoin coach who has helped many people to become financially free. He strongly believes that Bitcoin and its technology will touch, change and improve the life of every human being on this earth, especially in the developing world, in an unimaginable, positive way.

Originally from Germany, Sebastian has travelled, lived and worked in over fifty-five countries over the last twenty years.

During this time, he worked for and spoke in front of dozens of the most influential people in the finance and banking industries across the world, including some of the most important heads of states. This experience enabled him to gain extensive, insider knowledge of the true state of our financial system and, armed with this information, Sebastian purchased his first Bitcoins in March 2013.

Since then, he has given countless talks and radio interviews, as well as run workshops, seminars and bootcamps all over the country, educating people about Bitcoin, the Blockchain, cryptocurrencies and their impact on the planet right now and in the future.

In November 2016, Sebastian joined the club 'Frei Leben neV' (Free Life) in Munich, Germany, an association that sees itself as a pioneer in the integration of the new, digital money system into everyday life. Within a short space of time, he was able to extend his knowledge of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and how to use them.

Sebastian truly believes that our world will become more honest and fairer as the use of cryptocurrencies increase, and will help to balance the distribution of wealth as we know it. He calls Bitcoin 'the third path' and claims it will disrupt our financial system as we know it and change the world entirely.

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