Become Highly Valued And Highly Paid Doing What You Love

Develop your mindset to deliver high-value programmes around your passions.

Beginner Level
Created by Harry Singha
Last updated May 12, 2021
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Curriculum For This Course

25 E-classes
25 E-classes
Introduction To The 4 M's
Mindset 1
Mindset 2
Mindset 3
Quiz Mindset
Assignment Mindset
The Importance of Mastery
Ideal Client/Community
Quiz Mastery
Assignment Mastery
The Importance of Message
Titles and Benefits
Quiz Message
Assignment Message
The Importance of MAP
The Business of MAP/Checklist
Quiz MAP
Assignment MAP

Course Description

Deliver your own, high-value programmes.

Have you ever longed to work around your passion and command high fees for your services in the process? Are you looking to deliver programmes around your interests that will help your clients overcome challenges and achieve their true potential? 

If so, this essential course will provide you with the information you need to develop your own mindset and outlines the processes you need to incorporate into your own business plans to, ultimately, deliver your own successful, high-value programmes. This motivational course covers the key mindsets and areas of mastery that you need to understand if you wish to create high-value, highly paid programmes that will transform your clients’ lives. These mindsets apply to many aspects of life, including health, wealth and relationships and, in this course, Harry will help you determine exactly who you want to be, which type of client you wish to target and will encourage you to do some soul searching to enable you to become a true master in your chosen area of expertise.

By the end of this course, you will know:

• the key mindsets that will determine who you are as a person and enable you to design high-value programmes and command high fees
• how to become a master of the transformation you want to create and therefore be highly regarded by the clients you wish to serve
• why research is so important in creating high-value, highly paid programmes and how your research can help you design the exact programmes your clients are looking for
• how Systems of Success work to ensure that your clients will always be irresistibly drawn to your programmes
• how you can add value to your programmes to further convince clients to invest in them
• why it is crucial to have a Marketing Action Plan to help you guide your potential clients through to making that all important decision to come on board.

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Target audience:
• Coaches, leaders and professional mentors
• Anyone who is interested in becoming a mentor or life coach
• People who have a positive life story or message that will inspire others and are seeking to deliver high-value programmes around this

About The Mentor

Harry Singha

A master at taking leaders to the next level

Harry Singha is an internationally acclaimed speaker, author, mentor and trainer, who is globally recognised as an expert in the fields of Leadership and Emotional Mastery. As a speaker, Harry has shared the stage with some of the most distinguished leaders in their respective fields, such as Bill Clinton, Sir Richard Branson, Lord Alan Sugar, Jamie Oliver, Brian Tracey and Anthony Robbins.

Born in Jalandhar, Punjab, Harry grew up in the East End of London and left home at the age of fifteen, following years of domestic violence. He began his professional career as a teenager and is committed to inspiring individuals and communities through his Light Up Your Life seminars, where he shares tools and systems to help people transform their most traumatic life events into positive experiences that can be used to improve their lives.

Harry is the founder of the Youth Coaching Academy Global, the world's leading training company for the youth sector and has trained over half a million young people and adults from over forty countries. He is widely recognised as a forerunner in the Youth Leadership field and has been actively involved in creating and facilitating some of the world's most prestigious youth programmes.

Affectionately known as 'Mr Youth Leadership', his powerful delivery style, inspirational personality and humour are welcomed by all who hear him speak.

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