Awaken Your Soul Pathway
By Andy Brine

Explore your soul pathway to live the life you desire.

Beginner Level
Created by Andy Brine
Last updated May 12, 2021
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Curriculum For This Course

12 E-classes
12 E-classes
Old Self
Soul Awakening
Self Enquiry
The Shift
Soul Pathway Quiz Eclasses 1-5
Spiritual Transcendence
Soul Pathway Quiz Eclasses 6-10

Course Description

Awaken your soul and shift from self to soul.

What is your Soul Pathway and how can it help you to identify who you are, so you can gain a greater understanding of yourself and move forward to begin living your life with more meaning?

During this course, Andy Brine, Coach, Mentor, Founder and Director at Optimal Hemp, explores your Soul Pathway and outlines the process you need to go through in order to gain clarity of your inner world, so you can transform your outer world. You will gain a higher level of perspective, so that you can shift from your conscious self to living in alignment with your core values, beliefs, passions and motivations with a greater sense of purpose. You will also learn how to identify the archetypes you come into contact with along the way, and how each of them can assist you with your own, spiritual growth and development and enable you to grow your support network successfully.

Watch this spiritually enlightening course to discover:

• The seven-stage, soul-awakening process that you can follow to discover your true purpose in life
• How to disconnect yourself from your ego self to connect with your unconscious self, so that you can embrace your soul essence
• How to identify and heal shadow aspects of your personality that may be holding you back from discovering your higher self and following your true life path
• The three phases of transcendence that you will face during your spiritual challenge, and how to overcome them
• Useful tips to identify the various archetypes you will come into contact with during your journey and the role each plays in helping you to progress with your individual transformation.

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Target audience:

• Anyone who would like to gain clarity and perspective in their lives
• People who are looking to connect with themselves on a deeper and more spiritual level
• Those who have a desire to give back and live their lives with purpose and passion

About The Mentor

Andy Brine

Awaken Your Soul Pathway and Shift from Self to Soul!

Andy Brine is a coach, mentor and storyteller who helps people to connect with their deeper purpose in life. He is the founder of the Optimal Hemp brand, a global distributor of CBD Oils and hemp products, and a mentor and coach at The Soul Pathway.

Andy uses 'The Hero's Journey', a pattern of narrative identified by the American scholar, Joseph Campbell, that appears in drama, storytelling, myth, religious ritual and psychological development, as a guide and tool to assist people in their personal transformation. He helps people to shift from old conditions and behaviours to new ways of living and being, so they can live in alignment with who they are. He also helps people to gain a deeper understanding of their inner world, in order to help them transform their outer world, connect with their soul and awaken their Soul Pathway.

Once this has been done, people are able to gain a greater understanding of who they are, which allows them to create the greater shifts and changes in their lives as they raise their consciousness and shift from their old Selves to connecting and living from their Souls instead.

Andy has also developed a phone app entitled 'Awaken Your Soul Pathway, which is available on iPhone and Android. This app allows you to explore your own Soul Pathway in the comfort of your own home, whilst Andy guides you on your own journey.

Over the best part of ten years, Andy has been exploring his own journey towards purpose and transformation, which has incorporated learning from many great teachers, such as Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell and Wayne Dyer and influences much of the work he does today.

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