Applied Psychometric Awareness
By Andy Edwards

Skills to sell, influence and build more successful relationships.

Beginner Level
Created by Andy Edwards
Last updated May 12, 2021
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Curriculum For This Course

6 E-classes
6 E-classes
First Meeting
Who Are You Really?
Psychometrics quiz Eclasses 1-3
Recognising, Connecting And Communicating
Psychometrics quiz Eclasses 4-5

Course Description

Get the best results from your relationships.

Thousands of people benefit from Applied Psychometric Awareness - the ability to understand human behaviour and how to identify different behaviour types.

The success of every interaction in life depends on your ability to develop your relationships with others, learning people skills and knowing what makes people tick, regardless of their behaviour type or personality. Whether you’re looking to attract more customers, find your ideal partner or apply for your dream job, this course will help you to understand what people are thinking and feeling, so they will like and trust you and feel relaxed and receptive to your thoughts and ideas. If you come into contact with people on a daily basis, then this is the course for you.

Andy Edwards is an international speaker and trainer; he has been teaching these skills for many years and has a particularly engaging and entertaining style. In this course, he provides an introduction to Applied Psychometric Awareness and you will learn simple, yet powerful, people skills that you can start applying to every area of your life immediately.

Watch this highly informative and life-changing course to discover:

• What makes you tick, versus other people, and how, by understanding this, you can build more successful relationships with others
• The simple, colour model of human behaviours; how to identify colour types in the people you meet and adapt your behaviours to interact with them more successfully
• The four ‘R’s of relationship development and why it’s important to nurture each one in the correct order, before moving onto the next
• How we judge ourselves and others and how better relationships form when we are aware of each other’s preferences
• Techniques to help you to read others by being consciously aware of their body language, tone of voice and the words and phrases they use.

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Target audience:

• Those who interact with people on a daily basis – e.g. in sales, teaching, management or even at home
• People looking for practical personality trait techniques to use in daily life
• Those who have challenges interacting with certain people and would like to improve this

About The Mentor

Andy Edwards

Your psycho, psychometric friend!

Andy Edwards is an inspiring and popular speaker and business growth consultant. He specialises in business relationship-building, understanding others, leadership, attitude, motivation and team-building. He is often referred to as ‘The Relationshipologist’ and is the founder of ‘Re£ationomic$’ (creating tangible value from business relationships).

With a strong sales and marketing background, Andy extensively studied Behavioural Psychology at Bournemouth University; he has a top qualification in Coaching and runs his own consultancy, Nine 5 Three Ltd (taking its name from the number of months you can expect to be alive!). As a business growth consultant, he helps business owners to increase turnover by at least 46% - and often much more. Andy has also written a number of self-published and E-books, including the title “I’ve Upped My Sales – Up Yours!” and regularly contributes to national magazines, journals and guest blogs. He also has two radio slots.

Andy runs events all over the world and is a sought-after keynote speaker, masterclass presenter, trainer and coach. He speaks, trains, consults and coaches many, well-known, global organisations, such as Sony, JP Morgan, The Highways Agency and Stannah, to name a few, and is represented by some of the UK’s top speaker agencies. He is known for his motivational, engaging and thought-provoking talks and is regularly voted ‘Best Speaker’ at conferences.

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