7 Steps to Build a Powerful Personal Brand
By Pavlina Papalouka

Discover how to build a personal brand that will add value to your business.

Beginner Level
Created by Pavlina Papalouka
Last updated June 20, 2021
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Curriculum For This Course

8 E-classes
8 E-classes
Discover Your Purpose and Unique Skills
Determine your Target Audience and Ideal Client Profile
Create your Brand Image
Quiz Powerful Brand (Eclasses 1-4)
How To Build your Personal Brand on Social Media
How to Build Community Around Your Brand
Becoming a No1 Authority in your Market
Quiz Powerful Brand (Eclasses 4-7)

Course Description

How to build a powerful, personal brand.

Most entrepreneurs struggle with finding high-value clients, prospects and opportunities to grow their business and most people struggle to get the job they want, while the internet has made it so easy if you just know how to apply a few simple steps to brand yourself.

When you build a strong personal brand, you position yourself as a top authority in your industry and market niche.  You naturally become a magnet for the right people, clients and opportunities to find you, because you stand out as a thought leader and the go-to expert in your field.

People who have created big, personal brands are the people with whom everyone wants to work and are prepared to pay the highest fees for the privilege. This is because they have gained credibility, authority, trust, reputation and recognition around their name and area of expertise.

Consider how your life and business would transform if you knew how build your own, strong, personal brand! Take action today and take advantage of the amazing opportunities that the internet provides to achieve your goals.

The information contained in this course is both powerful and necessary if you aspire to stand out in today's market. It is easy to follow and the information within it is relevant to just about every industry and market.

By viewing this seven-step course, you will discover:

• the valuable questions you need to ask yourself to discover your purpose and unique skills
• the main tools you can use to create your brand vision and message that will instantly resonate with your audience
• the powerful formula you can use to determine your target audience so that you can engage with them and build relationships on the right level
• the power of social media and how to use it to build a strong brand that will attract the right clients
• how to communicate your personal brand to the world with clarity and start experiencing incredible results.

Are you ready to build your brand? Join Pavlina Papalouka on this life and business changing course!

For more information about Pavlina, visit www.pavlinapapalouka.com.

Target audience:

• Anyone who wishes to build their own, personal brand
• Independent coaches, consultants and other professionals who sell their expertise.

About The Mentor

Pavlina Papalouka

The world responds to the value you give yourself.

Pavlina Papalouka is the founder of AwakenSpace Education, a seminar and education company. She is also a personal branding expert, personal development coach and speaker. Her passion is helping people overcome their limitations and unlock their true potential and create the lifestyle and business they desire.

Pavlina pursues her passion by organising live seminars and online events, offering online education programs and speaking. She specialises in helping people discover their purpose, reprogramme limiting beliefs, create clear goals and vision, build profitable businesses and powerful brands around their passion and create the lifestyle, wealth, and happiness they desire.

She has shared stages and cooperated on live events with some of the world's leading authorities in personal development and entrepreneurship, including Dr. John Demartini, Bob Proctor, Bill Walsh, John Lee of Wealth Dragons and many more. On all of these occasions, she has been on a mission to provide transformational learning experiences for her audiences and effective business networking at each and every event.

Prior to starting her education company, Pavlina worked for many years in the Public Relations. She ran her own Public Relations agency and taught PR and Media to university students. She also ran her own Public Relations and Event Management agency, working with some of the top brands in the market.

Her company, AwakenSpace Education, organises seminars, events, online courses and coaching in personal development, branding, social media marketing, online marketing and entrepreneurship with internationally recognised speakers and authors who are proven experts in their fields.

For more information about Pavlina, visit www.pavlinapapalouka.com.