21st Century Business
By Jerome Lancaster

21st Century Business

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Created by Jerome Lancaster
Last updated June 21, 2021
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Jerome Lancaster 21st Century Business

Jerome Lancaster 21st Century Business

About The Mentor

Jerome Lancaster

Passion will drive your faith and shape your future.

Jerome Lancaster is a keynote speaker and the Regional Vice President of ACN, a company that offers people the chance to run their own, home-based businesses selling essential services used by customers in over twenty-four countries on a daily basis, such as phone, mobile, energy, broadband, TV and security.

Jerome was raised in the Caribbean with very little opportunity or inherited direction, but with an internal desire to bring change for future generations.

With a passion for performing and sport, he originally became a semi-professional dancer, which he continued with until the age of eighteen. However, he decided to change direction and undertake higher educational studies at the Kingston University in 2015, focusing on Business, Law and Economics and gaining an understanding of the world as it stands today, where success is no longer a journey but a choice.

Whilst at university, a friend introduced Jerome to the ACN opportunity. ACN provides people with the opportunity to own a home-based business without the large investment or risk normally associated with starting a new venture. ACN Independent Business Owners simply offer the products and services that most people are already using and spending money on every day, so there is no change in buying habits and customers do not need to be convinced to spend additional money on services they don’t need or can’t afford.

Jerome was excited by the opportunities that ACN opened up for him, on both a professional and personal level, being mostly attracted to the concept of being able to manage his own time and gain financial freedom.

Since then, Jerome has built a lucrative career with ACN, first as a Regional Director, rising through the ranks to become Regional Vice President. He also qualified as a President’s Club member for the second and fourth quarters of 2014 and 2015 respectively.

In his spare time, Jerome loves to travel from continent to continent, understanding the different cultures that encompass the human race.

For more information about Jerome, visit www.lancasterjerome.acnrep.com.