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17 Ways To get More Stuff Done
By Paul Bedford

Easy-to-use tips and tricks to help you manage your workload and become more productive.

Beginner Level
Created by Paul Bedford
Last updated May 19, 2019
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Curriculum For This Course

21 E-classes
21 E-classes
Time Survey
Time Leverage Map
Planning Your Day
Eat A Frog
Default Diary
Create Schedule Of Activities
Key Performance Indicators
Systemise Your Routine Tasks
Learn To-Say NO!
Document Your Process
Turn Off Notifications
Purpose On Social Media
Shut Down Your Email
Stop Taking Phone Calls
Avoid Feeling Overwhelmed
Activity Vs Productivity
Chill Out
17 Ways Quiz
Daily Frog Sheet
Turning Off Notifications On An iPhone
Default Blank Diary

Course Description

Make better use of your time to increase productivity.

Are you a business owner or entrepreneur with not enough hours in the day to get your essential tasks completed? Do you feel like you're running around all day being 'busy', but at the end of the day, feel as though you haven't been productive?

The sad truth is that most of us simply don't have enough time in the day to get through all the tasks we need to complete, never mind the things we WANT to do. This course will provide you with seventeen, crucial tips to speed up every aspect of your life in order to make time for the things that really matter.

Paul Bedford is a business growth expert who works with ActionCOACH, a leading, business coaching company that operates in over seventy countries across the world. He helps people to build and systemise their businesses, create more dynamic teams and achieve their goals through professional coaching and mentoring.

In this course, Paul will guide you through his seventeen, top tips to get more done each day by increasing your productivity and efficiency, so you can make better use of your time and focus on the things that really matter in life. With tips on managing your email, dealing with distractions, such as social media and phone calls, and scheduling activities, you will receive valuable advice that will help you to plan your time and achieve more from your working day.

One of the positives about this engaging course is that each class is short, punchy and straight to the point, so you won't need to spend too much of your time actually watching it!

Watch this useful course to learn:

• How to manage your time and plan your day, so you only focus on the important tasks
• The importance of creating schedules of activities that align with your goals, so you can review them at the end of each week and make sure you're on target
• Why planning and structuring your day in advance is so important in keeping you focused
• The importance of delegation in helping you to manage your workload
• How to manage distractions, such as phone calls and emails, to make sure you finish the tasks you need to complete.

For more information on Paul, visit www.actioncoach.co.uk.

Target audience:
• Time-poor business owners who are looking for tips to increase productivity
• Self-employed freelancers who need to be able to prioritise whilst multi-tasking

About The Expert

Paul Bedford

Make more profits, reduce your working hours and build better teams.

Paul originally gained his experience as a business analyst, working for the likes of Yell, Barclays Bank, Capgemini, Parcelforce, Toyota, NPower and Shell, as well as several small and medium sized businesses, over a twenty-five-year period.

During this time, he worked on several, multi-million pound projects, communicating with stakeholders at all levels and gaining considerable experience in all aspects of business development and project implementation. The majority of his work involved the implementation of business systems and processes, to enable growth and expansion in a profitable manner.

Paul is highly experienced in working with teams and tackling communication and personality issues to create new and effective working practices that deliver tangible, business improvements. He has also gained considerable experience in the execution of procedures and tactics that enable management to free up their time to use more effectively to grow their businesses.

Paul has been working as a Business Growth Expert with ActionCOACH Global since 2017. His mission is to ensure that clients are heard, supported, encouraged, motivated, inspired and driven to achieve and exceed the results they desire. He aims to open their minds to options and plans of action that will move them forward. In doing so, he has a positive and changing influence on their lives and the lives of those around them.

Paul is an ever-optimistic, energetic, enthusiastic team builder and problem solver. With a large network of business colleagues across the globe, Paul has many resources at his fingertips to help with any business issue, which is an enormous benefit to his clients. He is determined to help his clients reach their goals and works tirelessly to support them.

For more information on Paul, visit www.actioncoach.co.uk.