Technopreneur Intensive

Technopreneur Intensive
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1. How To Discover PROFITABLE ideas to increase your chance of success!
2. How To Validate Your Idea To Make Sure Its Successful before you even launch it!
3. How To Develop your idea within weeks and launch it so that you can quickly reap the reward and be profitable!
4. How to develop a tech project even if you do not know how to write a line of code
5, Learn how and where to outsource so that there is no idea that cannot be implemented by you.
6. How to market your product online with minimal cost and maximize profits
7. How to sell before you even start developing so that you get your first customer way ahead of your actual launch!
8. How to create valuable startups that VCs will love to invest!
9. Learn the proven business models thats been used by all the largest tech companies and how you can clone it and make them work for you!