Vincent Wong

100% CONfidence?

23rd May 2016 by Vincent Wong

100% CONfidence? So, The Sunday Times reports today there is a new level of confidence in the (property) market. The sun is shining, London has a new Mayor and Spring appears to have finally sprung. In the last two weeks alone, some lenders have introduced 100% mortgage products into the marketplace and Nationwide, the UK’s … Continued

West Goes South

23rd February 2016 by Vincent Wong

West Goes South This week’s news agendas and social media feeds have been full of comment and opinion about Kanye West’s alleged $53 million debt. Kanye has even tweeted Mark Zuckerberg asking for a $1 billion investment into his business interests. So whilst the conspiracy theorists believe this may just be a sturdy marketing ploy … Continued

My interview with YPN Magazine – Your Property Network

15th November 2015 by Vincent Wong

Buy-To-Debt Britain

5th August 2015 by Vincent Wong

In yesterday’s Budget, the Chancellor announced that landlords/property investors will no longer be able to benefit from a high rate of tax relief on Buy-To-Let mortgage payments. The amount that landlords will be able to claim will be set at the basic rate of tax, which is currently 20%. Up until now some landlords may … Continued

First-Time Buyers Beware

16th March 2015 by Vincent Wong

I was interested to read a recent BBC article about first-time buyers being offered a 20% discount on new homes. I would strongly urge anyone seeking a new home as a first-time buyer to consider such ‘offers’ with caution. These new build properties are normally sold at inflated (higher) prices to begin with, so the … Continued

Who Wants to be a Property Millionaire?

13th February 2015 by Vincent Wong

I recently read a piece in The Sunday Times entitled Easy Street that asked why some of the UK’s 400,000 property millionaires don’t actually feel rich. It’s quite a complex question to answer, particularly as being a millionaire on paper is completely different to having a million pounds in the bank. The first point to … Continued

Lifestyle Business Convention

by John Lee

Last weekend Wealth Dragons presented a sell-out event in Central London called the Lifestyle Business Convention. Over 700 attended seminars from experts in property investment and FOREX trading, as well as learning how to set up and monetise a cash flowing business. I hosted the events and also presented my own sessions introducing delegates to … Continued

A Happy Wealth Dragon New Year!

19th January 2015 by Vincent Wong

Happy New Year everyone! I started 2015 with a bang by attending the Property Outlook Conference in Malaysia hosted by Wealth Mastery Academy, one of the leading event organizers and promoters in Asia. I was speaking alongside 15 other internationally acclaimed industry experts. I also hosted a Wealth Dragons Inner Circle Gathering in Kuala Lumpur. … Continued

A House for Christmas?

17th December 2014 by Vincent Wong

Are we now witnessing the end of the London property boom? Asks an article in the Daily Mail this week. Yet several other articles posted recently talk of interest rates reaching “record lows” and refer to statistics showing that average property prices rose by 10.4% in October.

So what does all this mean? Basically, don’t panic. … Continued

The Other Side of the Story

2nd December 2014 by Vincent Wong

Last month, the BBC suggested that times are bleak for FTBs (first-time buyers). I would like to add some practical solutions based on my own experience to those they provided from industry experts. The end of the year is a time when property prices often dip as people start to worry about debt. Despite negative … Continued