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A Beginner’s Guide to Credit Scores

29th July 2016 by Vincent Wong

I read an article in last Sunday’s The Sunday Times about credit score errors being on the rise. For those of you who are unfamiliar with credit scoring, particularly if you want to start to investing, here is an easy-to-remember (by using the acronym C.R.E.D.I.T.) summary on to how to get started, with a view … Continued

100% CONfidence?

23rd May 2016 by Vincent Wong

100% CONfidence? So, The Sunday Times reports today there is a new level of confidence in the (property) market. The sun is shining, London has a new Mayor and Spring appears to have finally sprung. In the last two weeks alone, some lenders have introduced 100% mortgage products into the marketplace and Nationwide, the UK’s … Continued

Wealth Dragons Academy Hall (Kenya)

30th March 2016 by Vincent Wong

I am often asked why I wanted to become wealthy (or as we say in industry speak, ‘financially free’). My answer is always simple: to create future stability for my family and to help others help themselves. For those who understand The Law of Reciprocity and The Law of Attraction, we should all give as … Continued

West Goes South

23rd February 2016 by Vincent Wong

West Goes South This week’s news agendas and social media feeds have been full of comment and opinion about Kanye West’s alleged $53 million debt. Kanye has even tweeted Mark Zuckerberg asking for a $1 billion investment into his business interests. So whilst the conspiracy theorists believe this may just be a sturdy marketing ploy … Continued

Important Petition for Investors

26th January 2016 by Vincent Wong

The following is a press release I put out recently. Please read and sign as soon as possible! International property expert and Executive Chairman of Wealth Dragons Limited, Vincent Wong, is urging British people to sign a petition to challenge a new law that will penalise UK private landlords by heavily reducing the expenses they … Continued

My interview with YPN Magazine – Your Property Network

15th November 2015 by Vincent Wong

A Dazzling Book Launch

13th November 2015 by Vincent Wong

The last few weeks have been extremely eventful at Wealth Dragons HQ. Not only have we been hosting various training programmes in London but John and I also officially launched our new book, The Wealth Dragon Way, at Waterstone’s Piccadilly last week. We were joined by over 100 guests and the evening was a huge … Continued

Education: What’s the ROI?

9th September 2015 by Vincent Wong

According to an article published by the BBC in August, the CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development) has calculated that “overall, 58.8% of (UK) graduates are in jobs deemed to be non-graduate roles,” largely because the number of graduates has now “significantly outstripped” the creation of high-skilled jobs. With thousands of students about to … Continued

Buy-To-Debt Britain

5th August 2015 by Vincent Wong

In yesterday’s Budget, the Chancellor announced that landlords/property investors will no longer be able to benefit from a high rate of tax relief on Buy-To-Let mortgage payments. The amount that landlords will be able to claim will be set at the basic rate of tax, which is currently 20%. Up until now some landlords may … Continued

Property Investing Positively Portrayed

3rd June 2015 by Vincent Wong

The media’s portrayal of property investing waxes and wanes at different times of the year, sometimes instilling fear and at other times showing more optimism. Currently, today’s news agendas are ripe with positivity for BTL (Buy To Let) as an investment vehicle for both landlords and tenants. If you compare today’s news agendas with those … Continued